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The family Adorni Braccesi Chiassi purchased the estate in 1873 from the grand duke in Tuscany, that for the notes historical stories he had had to surrender all the ownerships. The country of Collemezzano is characterized from terrestrial hilly with light inclinations a great deal. For a long time the olive tree is one of the most diffused crops, as it shows the presence of secular plants, even though to a large extent renewed after the Nine hundred disastrous frosts. The estate extends him for around 110 hectares, of which 25 olivatis and with around 6000 plants in production. Besides the firm possesses a modern olive-press to two phases to press to cold of Tuscan olives.

Olio Extra vergine di oliva

Extra virgin olive oil

  • Olives: Leccino Frantoio, Moraiolo
  • Cultivation: Integrated
  • Collection method: Manual stripping
  • Machining system: Processed within 24 hours of collection in the estate mill in continuous cold.
  • Acidity: 0,2
  • Appearance and flavor: The oil show a green color with glided reflexes, clear. It has perfume of good intensity and fragrance, reminiscent of the fruit still green and pleasant herbal notes and artichoke. In the mouth it is aromatic, good flowability, with delicate vegetal notes and balanced sweet-sour - spicy, which preceded a pleasant closing and appreciable length.

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